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The legendary Scary Maze has come on iPhone!

The Scary Maze is not a real game but a scary prank for your friends.
This app pretends to be a skill test. You must guide the blue dot through the scary maze
with your finger. Clearing the maze on level 1 and 2 shouldn’t be hard, but level 3 requires
skill to get past!!
In the middle of level 3 a scary face appears unexpectedly!!!

Teste this app with your wife or your parents, and watch your “victim” reactions!!

Use this application responsibly and only on people that you know well.
This application must not be used with children, individuals with a heart condition, epileptic symptoms, ora any physical or mental condition.
Use of this application is at your own risk, especially when someone tries to kick you after this prank ☺

Have fun
By Dracoders


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